Quinnie (vuur) wrote in software,

SP2 issues, hanging computer, cd/dvd issues, Help????

My mother has a computer that we ordered from tiger direct (www.tigerdirect.com) last year online, summertime. When i originally got the computer, one of the memory slots was bad so i sent it back and got a replacement. The new board has been working alright but lately there have been more and more problems popping up and i'm wondering if this is the fault of the mobo.

Various problems include:

-DVD drive occasionally will not spin up and read disks
-CD burner refuses to burn cds
-computer randomly hangs in the middle of varying tasks

Also, upon installation of service pack 2 to winXP, it now hangs on boot and doesn't get to the logon screen. It doesn't happen all the time and it seems kind of random as to when it decides not to work. All the cables are firmly plugged in and there are no issues that i can see. Computer is definately virus free.
I'm not sure if this is all mobo related or what, but any suggestions/helpful hints/places to post these problems again would be appreciated.

P4 3.06Ghz w/hyperthreading
Via p4x400 chipset
GeForce 4 Ti4200
cd drive
dvd drive
300 Watt PSU

The RAM is 2x512 sticks in the 1st 2 settings. Originally i got a mobo that had a faulty 1st slot and i got it replaced with the new mobo. it was fine for a couple months then started going bad. The vid driver is a NVIDIA GeForce Ti4200 version The BIOS is the original version, not updated.

I have 2 80Gig drives in the machine as well, each has their own windows XP installation. Today, after installing windows SP2 on one of the drives, it killed windows. and by killed i mean after it tells you to restart it hung on boot on the windows XP splash screen with the little bar running along the bottom. so after backing up all the data, the drive is still readable, just can't run windows off it, i tried installing SP2 on the other drive, with the 1st drive unplugged. same problem. reinstalled windows on the 1st drive and it now works, but is horribly out of date and behind on security updates. i'm scared to now update to SP2 on this machine. Updated to SP2 on 3 other machines without a problem. Any dieas for any of these issues?


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